Desception It’s a drama series that centers on Monica and Chris, a happily childless married couple whose life turns around when Nalweyiso (Monica’s mother in law), decides to move into their house with a demand for a grandchild. She blames Monica for failing to give Chris a child and turns her life into hell with treacherous schemes and scandalous attacks day by day.
This puts a test to Chris and Monica’s marriage as Nalweyiso fights to end it and Monica fights to keep it against all odds.


Urban Today This is your current affairs breakfast show that welcomes all manner of guests to discuss the issues that affect the lives of day-to-day ugandans. this breakfast show contains a press digest, news updates, powerful interviews, features, sports updates and an entertaining friday show that focuses on the arts. the hilarious gaetano kagwa & the beautiful malaika nnyanzi rarely disappoint.


After 5 Request for your favourite song & watch as MC Kats, DJ Roja and DJ Mercy Pro play it live

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